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Why charter a yacht in Greece?

The captivating Greek coastline gazes out onto the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian seas, making it a haven for sailors. Chartering a yacht here means crystal-clear waters, a splendid array of white-washed houses, and gleaming island sunsets… what more could you ask for? Major airports such as Athens International Airport and Chania International Airport make Greece easily accessible, so book your boat holiday in Greece now and get ready to sail around these magnificent islands. Dive into the ancient treasures of the country’s capital - Athens, taste the exquisite flavors of Ouzo and Moussaka, and soak into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean!

1. Perfect yachting conditions

Greece has long been a paradise for sailors from all around the globe. The steady trade winds, abundant sunshine, and warm climate provide the perfect conditions for a boat vacation, in addition to the smooth sailing by sight due to the vicinity of all the islands. Both experienced and inexperienced sailors will enjoy milder winds and safer bays in the Saronic Gulf, Sporades, Cyclades and Dodecanese islands, and the Ionian Sea. And for those with more experience - Crete will be an opportunity to endeavor a thrilling boat journey.

2. Mesmerizing coastline

Greece is home to over 15,000km of striking coastline, making it the eleventh longest in the world. This provides endless navigation options for boat renters. Boats for rent are available to book from various marinas along the coast, so be sure - you find the perfect yacht charter for you! With thousands of islands to explore, each with its unique charm, a sailing vacation in Greece is to remember.

3. Award-winning beaches

As of today, Greece ranks only second in the world for Blue Flag quality. There are more than 450 beaches with a Blue Flag award for their cleanliness, water quality, and environmental management. There are too many heavenly beaches scattered all over Greece to name them all, but still there are a bunch which is only accessible by boat. So if you want to explore this stunning archipelago, a boat rental is undoubtedly the perfect way! Often considered the best in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos’ ‘Super Paradise Beach’ offers crystal clear turquoise waters and soft golden sand, which makes it deserve its name. If you plan your sailing route along Greece’s east coast, drop your anchor at Lalaria Beach in Skiathos. It is world-famous for its wild beauty, bright cliffs, white pebbles, pure sand, and translucent turquoise waters. ‘Canal d’Amour’ is the place for the ones in love - folklore tells that any couple who swims through the narrow canal together is destined to marry. The hidden lagoons and striking rock formations make it a fascinating and utterly unique place, so if you rent a boat from Corfu, include this stop in your itinerary!