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Why charter a yacht in Turkey?

Connecting Europe with Asia, the history of Turkey is an enchanting mix of cultures, traditions, flavorings, and religions. A yacht charter in Turkey will let you discover some of the wonders of the country, which usually will stay hidden from inland. With options to rent a boat and sail from over 15 locations across the country, from Istanbul to Izmir and Antalya, there's something for every sailor to discover. So set sails and explore the taste of Raki, the sweetness of Baklava, and the wonders of this ancient country!

1. A skipper's haven

Between April and November, conditions are ideal for a sailing vacation. Turkey encounters stronger, less reliable winds in July - August, so the perfect time to go sailing would be May - June, and September when temperatures range between 18-30 degrees, so cruising under the shining sun on a boat could be any more pleasant.

2. Mesmerizing past

Turkey's culture comprises a charming mix of traditions and history, making it one of the most breathtaking places you could visit on a boat for rent. Straddling the border between Europe and Asia, the country is full of mosques, churches, Roman ruins, and middle-eastern traditions, forming a land rich and diverse in cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. The list of historical monuments worth visiting, for example, if you rent a boat from Kusadasi is long. But undoubtedly the number one in the area is near Selçuk, where the ancient ruins of the city of Ephesus lie. Once the second most important city of the Roman empire, not just in Turkey, but in the world, the remains you could visit here are the Celsius Library, the old Gladiator Theatre, and Hadrian's temple. If you start your boat trip from Fethiye and you are heading east along the coast to Antalya, you will visit an area, home to various ancient ruins, such as the tombs of Myra and the Church of Saint Nicholas.

3. Enchanting beaches

The beaches of Turkey are stunning and diverse, many acting as a nesting ground for turtles! A boat rental in Marmaris means you have to pay a visit to Iztuzu Beach, where white sands and turquoise waters attract visitors from all around, while an area is enclosed, especially to protect the turtles' nests. If you're a fan of watersports, many beaches are offering such activities, such as a sandy beach located 4km south of the town of Alaçatı, where you can enjoy windsurfing or kiteboarding! Or enjoy the charming beach views from the comfort of your boat rental.