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Why charter a yacht in Azores?

At more than 1000km off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic ocean, the Azores archipelago consists of nine islands: in the west -Flores and Corvo, in the center - Terceira, Pico, Faial, São Jorge, and Graciosa, and in the east - Santa Maria and São Miguel. Sculpted over thousands of years by many volcanoes, these islands offer a picturesque landscape. Renting a boat is the best way to discover the Azores.

1. Lushy green scenery

The weather is pleasant throughout the whole year, but the sun is more adundant in summer. The rest of the year is frequently raining, allowing rich green vegetation to flourish. The temperatures are moderate, ruled by the warm wind from the Gulf Stream. Keep in mind that the weather here can change very quickly, so make sure to be prepared for more dynamic weather on your boat rental.

2. Engaging activities

While you are sailing, keep your eyes open for whales - the Azores are one of Europe's most excellent places for whale watching! The archipelago is of a volcanic origin, and you'll be able to experience some unique volcano-related activities like climbing the Pico mountain, swimming in the geothermal pools, or enjoy meals prepared on volcanic soil - a different take on the Portuguese cuisine! Surrounded by the ocean with an abundance of fish, the Azores are the ideal spot for fishing, especially the areas around Silveira and Sao Mateus on Terceira. For scuba diving lovers, the archaeological park in the bay of Angra do Heroismo is an excellent option. There, you can find the Cemetery of Anchors and the wreck of the Lidador ship.

3. Remote but yet - European

The Azores are indeed a one-of-a-kind place. They may be part of Portugal, but their distant location of more than 1000 km west off the coast of Portugal gives them a 'castaway' kind of feeling. Sailing on a chartered yacht is a great way to explore the Azores. Since the distance from the easternmost to the westernmost part is more than 600 km, hopping from one island to another, you'll find that each island is unique in terms not only of the landscape but also of culture and language since they were all settled at different times. Visiting the Azores, you'll indeed be able to immerse yourself in fantastic culture, nature, and scenery.