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With its warm climate, nearly 300 days of sunshine, and 528 miles of beautiful beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is the perfect year-round holiday stop. Europe’s sunniest country has an outstanding range of different landscapes, a large variety of activities and unrivaled cultural heritage. Here the old traditions and modern life come together in perfect harmony. Its exquisite cuisine, fine wines, and friendly people make Portugal a welcoming tourist paradise. Located in the far southwest of Europe, only a few hours from major European capitals, Portugal draws visitors from all over the world.

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Sailing The Algarve (5days) itinerary

Sailing The Algarve (5days)

Vila Real de Santo António

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Lisbon is a bustling and inspiring city, with a broad choice of activities and lovely tourist attractions. The city boasts an astounding number of historical sites, and its people are friendly, tolerant and welcoming. Lisbon appeals to all types of tourists and age groups, and is suitable for a cultural trip, relaxed city-break, family holiday, nightlife fiesta or as a launching point for a beach vacation on the southern shores. The Portuguese capital is continuously seen as one of the greatest cities in the world, and the Lonely Planet Guide has named Lisbon one of World's Top 10 Cities. Surprisingly, Lisbon is still one of Europe's least visited capitals, but this is quickly changing as visitors discover the charm and easy-going pace of Portugal. If you decide to rent a boat here, we recommend sailing the expansive Tagus River past the Jerónimos Monastery, Discoverer’s Monument and Belém Tower. Sunsets are particularly beautiful from the calm river waters.


Porto is a charming and active city that is quickly becoming one of Europe's most-loved tourist stops. The city has a long history, interesting sights, buzzing nightlife, and outstanding amenities. There is a lot to see and do in Porto, giving the city broad appeal to a spectrum of visitors. Porto is a historical city with a medieval center and narrow alleyways. The town is famous for its production of Port, which is stored and matured in the enormous cellars along the banks of the Douro River. You can sail the river, passing under Porto’s “Six Bridges”, all the way to the renowned wineries of the Douro Valley. If you’re planning a longer trip on the water, we recommend sailing the entire coast of Portugal. Many of countries most beautiful cities, beaches and tourist attractions can be found along the banks of the Atlantic Ocean.


The alluring shoreline of the Algarve is made of breathtaking cliffs, secluded coves, sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. More than just “sun, surf and sand”, however, the Algarve is teeming with fun activities. Spend your days and night partying at the many beach bars and discos, visit castles (both sand and real), go diving, and by all means dig in to the amazing food. The entire region is a seafood-lovers paradise, and Portuguese chefs are careful to highlight the ocean’s fresh bounty through simple but delicious preparations. Visit Saint Luzia, Portugal’s “octopus capital”, to sample the delicacy in more ways than you can imagine. The inner lands of the Algarve are just as inviting, with medieval towns, historic villages, cork trees, wildflowers, birdlife, and the wonderful Via Algarviana hiking trail. Sailing the Algarve is a lovely experience. From Portimão, you can easily visit Faro, Lagos, Tavira and circle some beautiful islets and rock formations. The calm seas and short distances between ports allow for a relaxed sail, with time to stop at hidden coves and interesting coastal towns.

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