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Why charter a yacht in Scandinavia?

In Northern Europe, the magnificent Norwegian, North and Baltic Seas surround Scandinavia and its more than 120,000 kilometers of coastline. Scandinavia comprises of three countries - Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Here, the sea has always shaped these three powerful maritime countries' histories, coasts, and characters. Scandinavia is the real eldorado of sailors, explorers, and lovers of nature. A yacht charter in Scandinavia is the opportunity to discover these northern countries. Navigate along fjords and archipelagos, between islands and islets, sheltering charming fishing villages.

1. Hundreds of thousands of islands

Located in northern Europe, between Germany and Finland, Scandinavia offers to its sailors a heavenly coastline more than 120,000 km long. Explore hundreds of thousands of islands distributed on all sides of the Scandinavian countries during your boat trip here. It is essential to study correctly the mapping (GPS) which boat owners should give you before you embark upon a sailing vacation in Scandinavia. There are more than 24 000 islands and islets only in the Stockholm archipelago. The stones and shallow waters can damage your yacht. So you should be very careful when you navigate a boat in the Scandinavian archipelago.

2. Cool, green, fresh summer

With temperatures approaching 25 degrees, summer remains the best season to rent a boat in Scandinavia. Indeed, from May until September, it is the best time to sail through the fjords and Scandinavian archipelagos. The Scandinavian peninsula is first and foremost a place of unforgettable natural beauty, and Norway's most significant claims to scenic fame are her deep, lush fjords. The neighboring countryside is painted with medieval churches, fishing boats, cascading waterfalls, impressive glaciers, and vividly painted villages. Stunning fjords slash the entire west coast, with tiny yet tough ferries, overlooking canyons, and isolated farms and towns, bathed in the mist of countless waterfalls.

3. The perfect sailing winds

Because of the constant winds during the whole summer, the most popular type of boats for rent in Scandinavia is the sailboat charters with or without crew. Many modern marinas are at your disposal during your cruise in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Navigate to Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen and moor in the cities' center areas. You will be able to find a yacht charter easily to rent everywhere in Scandinavia. You will have the opportunity to discover magnificent landscapes along different islands bordering these countries.