What is the cost of boat rental?

Posted Aug 18 2021 in Boating tips

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to rent a boat, but you don’t know what makes pricing realistic, you are not alone. It is normal to have a slight concern that you might be overcharged when renting a boat. Especially if you are booking a boat for the first time.

So in case you want to know how much a boat rental costs, Sail.me is here to shed light on the matter. Let’s break down all the price-forming factors, and then we will estimate the average cost of boat rental!

What determines boat rental prices?

Despite size and type being the main pricing factors in boat rental, many other things can also increase or decrease the cost of booking a boat. These additional factors do not fluctuate the rental rates much; however, they can sometimes change the game for people on a budget.

Size and type of boat

As already mentioned, vessel size and type are the main cost determinants when you rent a boat. Bigger boats are more expensive, and smaller ones are pretty affordable. It also makes sense for luxury boats and motor-operated crafts to be more costly than rowboats and sailing boats.


The location where you rent a boat is also essential for the pricing. At touristy destinations and megapolis ports, the demand for boating experiences is way bigger than in small towns. With that in mind, be ready to pay quite a bit more for the same type of boat when you rent at boating, fishing, and diving hotspots.


Boat rental pricing depends on the season as well. Every destination has its tourist season when the prices could double. Whether it is hot summer, dry season (for tropical destinations, that’s winter), fish abundance period, or anything else that affects the average number of boat renters at the location. 

Boat rental period

When establishing the boat rental cost, it also matters when you want to rent a boat. During national holidays, most people go on vacation or find themselves with free time to go boating. Same with weekends. That’s when prices usually go up. So if you rent a boat during the workweek, you will probably find better boat rental offers.

What is the average cost to rent a boat?

Now, after you got our advice on when boat rental is more affordable, it’s time to dive into specific numbers. Let’s see the estimated price range (daily rates) to rent a boat, according to the type and size of the vessel. 

Rent a Sailboat

Sailboats are propelled partly or entirely by sails and can vary in size, capacity, and functionality. The most preferred sailboats for rent are the ketch, catboat, cutter, yawl, and sloop. These types of boats are ideal for sailing escapades on calm seas.

Here are the average boat rental prices of sailboats per day:

  • Cost for small sailboat: $400 to $1000
  • Cost for large sailboat: $600 to $1700

The good thing about sailboats is their prices rarely fluctuate during different seasons. Their rental cost usually stays the same, except on holidays and during the weekend.

Rent a Yacht

Yachts are the epitome of luxury living, even the small ones. Therefore these types of boats tend to be quite expensive to rent. Yet, most people who prefer to sail on a yacht are ready to pay the price for the on-the-water experience. Since yachts are equipped for life on board, they are great for short journeys and long sailing trips with overnight stays. 

Here are the estimated daily costs of renting a yacht:

  • Cost for а small yacht: $3000 to $7000
  • Cost for а large yacht: $7000 to $20000
  • Cost for а huge luxurious yacht: $20000+

Prices of yacht charters and rentals vary according to time of the year and location. Summer tends to be the hot season for yacht rentals, so prices go up. Winter is not a busy period, and that is when typically the costs decrease. 

Charters are way more expensive than rentals because they include additional costs for hiring a crew and a captain. Regardless of the season, touristy places usually keep the price high all year round. 

Rent a Catamaran

A catamaran is a multi-hulled boat with two parallel hulls of equal size. This type of watercraft is known for its excellent stabilization for a perfect day on the water. They do not flip quickly and can endure wavy seas. Catamarans are superb for cruising, sunbathing, and fishing. 

The average daily rates of renting a catamaran are as follows: 

  • Cost for small catamaran: $500 to $900
  • Cost for large catamaran: $700 to $4000

The price to rent a catamaran varies during different seasons. Since this type of boat is mostly booked in summer, the costs could significantly decrease during the winter months.

Rent a Pontoon

Pontoon is a flat-bottomed boat relying on pontoons to keep afloat. Thanks to its big platform and open space design, the pontoon boat is a typical party watercraft for the warm summer season. 

Here are the average per day prices for renting a pontoon:

  • Cost for small pontoon: $350 to $600
  • Cost for large pontoon: $600 to $700

Pontoon boat rental prices fluctuate throughout the year. These boats are more expensive in July and August, when most people enjoy vacation time or savor a summer break. Pontoons are not suitable for cold weather because they are open, so their prices fall as winter hits.

Rent a Speedboat

Speedboats are engine-driven boats, a great way to move fast on the water. So if you are looking for a vessel to go island hopping or enjoy extreme watersports, a speedboat might be the best choice. 

The standard daily rental cost of a speedboat is as follows: 

  • Cost for small speedboat: $250 to $500
  • Cost for large speedboat: $400 to $800

During cold periods it is easier to rent an affordable speedboat. However, in summer, the massive demand for speedboat adventures brings the boat rental prices way up. The condition of the boat and its capacity will also affect the price offers.

Rent a Fishing boat

Fishing boats are especially popular with anglers because they are designed for fishing endeavors. 

Check out the estimated daily prices for a fishing boat rental: 

  • Cost for а small fishing boat: $200 to $900
  • Cost for а large fishing boat: $600 to $1500

The fishing boat rental prices are highest whenever the local fishing season starts, and marine life is abundant. Summer months are more popular for fishermen.

Of course, all these boat rental prices are average. They will vary in different countries and places, as well as during different seasons. So if your dream boat seems out of budget, do not lose hope - there are boats for every budget on Sail.me. Just type your starting destination on our search field, and we will show you all the offers for available boats!

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