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The Clean Ocean Foundation is an eco-conscious organization in Australia, focused on solving the problems of water pollution, microplastic wastage, and restoring the ocean. One of their most established and environmentally significant projects is the National Outfall Database.

Keep on reading to learn more about the database and its huge steps towards ultimate water safety and pollution-free oceans:

Get to know the National Outfall Database

What is the National Outfall Database?

NOD is the first freely accessible database on all plants, discharging waste in Australia. The tool is of high academic significance and a great way to spread awareness of ocean pollution by providing high-quality data to the public. But the database is more than just an information and education hub. 

The National Outfall Database considers both the needs of government and community to recognize the synergy patterns between the use of water and the impacts of wastewater disposal from Australian outfalls.

The National Outfall Database helps researchers count on technology, extensive reports, and analysis to solve major water pollution problems. Supported projects address poor water management, disposal concerns, and wastewater quality, and back up sustainability claims with extensive research and technology. 

Who funds the National Outfall Database?

The National Outfall Database is developed and maintained by the Clean Ocean Foundation. However, database research is funded by the Federal Government. That funding allows the National Outfall Database to have access to some of the best researchers, scientists, ecology and marine experts, and other professional aid. 

As a result, the project is a huge success in marine ecosystem preservation, waste disposal sustainability, and water security. The researches and strategies constantly developed and presented by the National Outfall Database are bound to protect our ocean ecosystem and transform Australia.

What are the benefits of the National Outfall Database?

Here are the main advantages of NOD:

  • Produce a precise national map of outfalls
  • Allay misconceptions about outfall water treatment
  • Raise awareness of potential impact outfalls have on public health
  • Guide authority and community in priorities for water infrastructure
  • Assist with water contamination researches, demanding a national perspective of wastewater streams
  • Create a network of national scientists interested in outfalls
  • Map the impact of climate change on outfalls

Why did the Clean Ocean Foundation develop the database?

If a total environmental change is bound to happen, then all the vital information needs to be summarized in one place, easy and fast to access. That is how the Clean Ocean Foundation realized there was a need for a public outfall database in Australia. 

Clean Ocean Foundation is concentrated on solving water contamination issues by transforming the source of the problem - waste plants and their aged practices. Thus, creating the database was an adequate step in the right direction. Taking the foundation closer to the goal of solving Australia’s most concerning issues with water safety.

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