Ideas to do in winter for sailors

Posted Mar 01 2022 in Boating tips

Winter comes, temperatures drop and the sun is not that warm and welcoming anymore. Once the days get shorter and seas get stormy, it only means one thing - the sailing season is over. Sailors have to return on land. Sounds familiar?

Here are eight ways to break the cycle of boredom and embrace your interest in sailing and boating:

Recreation for sailors: 8 best activities when stuck on land

If you love boating and embrace it as your hobby or lifestyle, the winter months could be tough. Especially when you live in an area where the weather is cold or rough, the sea is raging and on-the-water experiences in winter are out of the question. 

At we understand the struggle and want to help sailors like you stay occupied and entertained. Even when ‘forced’ to stay off the water for a long time.

Attend a boat show

Exhibitions, live demonstrations, presentations, in-person rainings, boat displays and debuts, exclusive tours of boats, networking… there are so many things to do at a boat show in winter. Boat shows are an exciting opportunity to have fun, reconnect with sailor friends, or meet other boat enthusiasts. 

Join an online theory course

A break from the water does not mean a break from sailing knowledge. Sailors looking for ideas on what to do in winter can use their time on land to improve their skills and enhance their boating talent. How? By joining a theory course. There are many companies offering qualification courses and many online training courses you could sign up for. 

Read sailing books and magazines 

Are you one of those sailors who enjoy reading? Then maybe we could intrigue you with some reading entertainment. Spending your free time between the pages of sailing magazines and books is a wonderful way to break the routine and keep your head at sea.

Whether you would have an interest in fictional books about sailing or enjoy reading about the real-life experiences of other sailors, the book choice is endless! 

There are also many sailing magazines you can subscribe to. That way you get to stay updated on upcoming trends, innovative gear, boat debuts, and get news about the industry and water tourism.

Watch boating vlogs

If magazines and books about boating excite you, then the next idea about what to do in winter will certainly catch your attention. Boating vlogs share the stories and on-the-water experiences of real-life people, in video format. 

Vlogs on sailing make a great way to keep in touch with your sailor side, get tips, find new destinations, and gain inspiration for your next voyage.

Watch movies about sailing

Another way to reconnect with your favorite hobby is by watching movies. There are so many amazing and award-winning films about boating, that if you check our list of the best sailing movies, you will have enough amusement for at least a month! 

Practice tying knots 

An essential part of being a sailor, skipper, or even a captain, is to know how to get around the boat and how to tie knots. There are so many types of knots, even the crew members with years of experience would be able to find some new knot to learn to kill the time.

The people new to the sailing lifestyle, of course, have a lot more to learn. If you are one of those people, remember that practice makes perfect. So take your time while you are off the boat. Catch up on basic knot skills and knowledge, without pressure or high expectations.

Connect with other boating enthusiasts online

One of the best ways to connect with like-minded people is to harness the power of social media. Join active Facebook groups or make an account in public discussion platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Quora. 

There you can answer queries about boats, sailing, and everything else within your interests. You can also ask other boaters public questions and look for any boat-related advice. Feel free to join the boating communities to find more trends and topics relevant to your interests.

Blog about your boating experience

Watching other people’s sailing adventures unravel is super inspirational. But if you have your own amazing stories to tell (and some free time on your hands), why not share them with other boat lovers? The internet offers unlimited possibilities to express your inner thoughts, doubts and share unforgettable memories.

Treat your blog like a journal. Add some pictures, share some side notes. Don’t do it for fame or attention. Do it for yourself. Even if you don’t become the next viral sailing blogger, be sure your friends and family would love to support your passion and read about your adventures at sea.

Start planning your next boat trip

If all else fails to distract and amuse you, then maybe it’s time to start planning your next boat trip! 

Would you wait for warmer weather or hurry up and visit any of the winter sailing destinations? No matter your choice, if you know where you want to sail next, all you need to figure out is when and book a boat at the desired destination with! Fast, easy, and secure.

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