What is an itinerary? How can I add itineraries to my boat?

The itineraries are sample routes for your boat as an example of where your renters can go and places they can see during their trip on that boat. The itinerary is free of charge, and it is consistent with the booking duration. If your boat is captained, you/the captain determines and decides whether the desired route can be executed. If your boat is bareboat, the renters should be advised to always consider the meteorological conditions before executing the trip.

To add an itinerary, go to the "Itineraries" section of the "Add/Edit Boat" page and create a new one by giving it a name and selecting the duration. After that, add as many stops as you want and use the "Click to close the route at the starting point" option to close the route at the starting point if your route returns at the same point it starts. Make sure to add a beautiful photo and a good description for each stop of your route to attract more people to your boat.

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