How can I create a boat listing, is it free?

Yes, you can create a boat listing for free. You will need to be a registered user on to do so. After login, you will see the green "Add Boat" button at the top right of your screen (Add Boat link in "Profile" page on the app). Fill out the "Add Boat" form carefully and make sure you provide accurate information along with reasonable pricing and boat availability, as well as great high-quality photos of your boat. The more information and pictures you provide, the better chance to be seen in search results. When you have filled out all the information, your listing will be online.

The pricing and availability of your boat are essential, after publishing your boat listing online, you will be working with your renters and receiving booking requests, so make sure you will be able to handle bookings. It is always better to set unavailable days than to accept booking requests which you can't handle and ultimately you will reject.

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