Fort Lauderdale Party Boating

Posted Jan 18 2022 in Destinations

The fun never stops in the waters of Fort Lauderdale! No matter what type of event or occasion you are celebrating, or what kind of a party you plan to throw, there is a boat and a place for every party boater out there.

Stay around as we guide you through everything you need to know about party boating in the area. And let us help you find the best boat and destination to throw a boat party in Fort Lauderdale. 

Best party boats to rent in Fort Lauderdale

Rent a pontoon party boat in Fort Lauderdale

Pontoons are some of the most demanded party boats in Fort Lauderdale. These boats are extra affordable and ideal for recreational cruising. Thanks to their comfort, spaciousness, and stability, pontoon boat rentals are a hit for small friend groups looking to have the time of their life on the water. 

If you want to party on a boat but save some money, go for a pontoon rental. Pontoons are perfect for a bachelor and bachelorette party, small wedding, work event, friend gathering, and even a team building on a boat. Onboard you can enjoy sightseeing, sunbathing, wildlife watching, and of course - partying. 

Charter a yacht for a boat party in Fort Lauderdale

Yacht charters are another popular choice for a boat party in Fort Lauderdale. And while yachts are way more expensive than a pontoon rental, they do offer some additional luxuries and comforts for a bigger crowd. 

The cruising experience with a captain is exactly what any bachelor party, birthday party or special celebration needs. So if you are looking for a luxury escape on the water and are not limited by a budget, chartering a yacht in Fort Lauderdale is a great choice. 

Best Fort Lauderdale destinations for a boat party

Sandbar experience at New River Sandbar

Nothing says party-on-the-water like a sandbar party! Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic place to get the sandbar experience and enjoy close-to-nature fun surrounded by party boats with friendly crowds. 

Visit the New River Sandbar to unwind, go swimming, savor a sunny day, have drinks, and socialize with other boaters. During weekends and national holidays, the sandbar is one of the hottest party boating destinations in Fort Lauderdale. The place gets crowded by boats and festivities seem to never end.

Cruising Las Olas Beach

Las Olas Beach is an amazing spot to cruise and party on a boat. A scenic destination with a lively vibe to explore both by boat and on foot. So if you are ever overwhelmed by having fun on the water, you can get off the boat rental to dock and dine, bar hop, or enjoy sunbathing and beach activities. 

Boat trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas

One of the best boating adventures you can have in Fort Lauderdale is a trip from the city to the Bahamas. The scenic overnight boat ride could take from one to three days (depending on the destination) and take you to some of the party hotspots for vacationers in the Caribbean. 

A yacht voyage with a crew and a captain will make the boat trip as smooth as possible. And allow you to fully enjoy the fascinating journey to the paradise isles. To keep guests entertained at all times, plan some interesting activities onboard and in the water. This type of cruise is especially popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The ultimate guide for party boating in Fort Lauderdale

How to rent a boat in Fort Lauderdale?

Even though you can rent a boat directly at the port before the celebration, for boat party purposes it is better to book beforehand, online. That way you are able to avoid last-minute hassle and enjoy a stress-free organization.

With you can explore all boat rental options available in Fort Lauderdale. Then book only the most suitable and affordable boats, select the best add-on services, organize and prepare everything in time for the boat party. 

Where can you take a Fort Lauderdale party boat rental? 

Every boat owner and boat rental agency has set their limits on where you can sail with their boat. Limits are usually mentioned in the boat rental contract. Yacht charters and boats with a captain tend to cover a bigger area along the Strip and the Miami Bay, and it often includes certain parts of the Caribbean Sea. 

The good news is when booking with you can check all that information in advance. And if not stated in the listing, you can contact the boat owner directly via the system. 

What can you do on a party boat in Fort Lauderdale?

Whatever the celebration hosted on the water is, there are countless things to do to keep guests entertained. Fort Lauderdale has fantastic spots for sightseeing, wildlife watching, spectacular sunsets, and even snorkeling. If you want to mix a bit of day fun with a night party, you can even sign up for some water sports activities or go fishing.

Is drinking allowed on party boats in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, you can drink but it is important to stay safe and keep the other passengers safe while boating. Make sure to follow all boating safety protocols on the rental boat. In case drinking is banned on a certain boat, the owner usually mentions that in their boat listing.

Can you rent a boat in Fort Lauderdale without paying for additional services?

Yes. Nobody can make you pay for additional services you do not want. Yet, if you are throwing a boat party in Fort Lauderdale, it is good to have some professional help, right? 

Services like food and beverages catering; renting a sound system or party light gear; hiring a bartender, DJ, cleaning crew, skipper, etc, would definitely contribute to a boat party to remember. 

How to choose the best boat for your party in Fort Lauderdale?

Choosing the best boat rental for your Fort Lauderdale party starts with considering important factors such as:

  • Guest number, to make sure the boat has enough space available to grant personal comfort for each passenger;
  • Number of cabins and bathrooms, to make an optimal choice for an overnight stay and sleeping arrangements;
  • Boat safety and stability, for a pleasant experience on the water;
  • Additional services that will make party organization a breeze.

Once you have considered all those factors, you can head over to the platform. Type in Fort Lauderdale in the search field and filter out only the boat rentals that match your criteria and expectations.

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