5 Ways to Boat Around West Palm Beach Like a Local 🐬

Posted Jul 26 2021 in Guides

Located along the Atlantic Ocean coast of sunny Florida, the West Palm Beach area offers you over 125 miles of waterways ready to be explored. Whether you are an at-sea traveler, or you prefer sailing inland in rivers and lakes, you can find some of the best boating spots here.

Whichever your favorite option is, a private boat rental will add to an unforgettable experience. Ready to taste the local spirit? Check out our top activity suggestions for a dream holiday.

Sailing guide for West Palm Beach

To rent a boat in West Palm Beach gives you a variety of options to visit places around, go on a fishing adventure offshore or enjoy the Florida sunshine. Depending on your taste and personal preferences, sail.me highly recommends taking one or more of the following opportunities:

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Peanut Island Park

Cruise around Peanut Island Park

Once the home of a peanut oil shipping company, Peanut Island is a destination worth sailing over to. Developed into a country park in 2005, this place is full of dozens of boaters, especially on weekends. Scenic and eye-catching, the island is only accessible on the water - by ferry, water taxi, or private boats and boat rentals.

The Peanut Island Park is a unique 80-acre tropical park with designated areas to dock, camp, and get closer to nature. It also has a man-made reef great for underwater snorkeling adventures. Guarded and unguarded beaches, beautiful clear waters perfect for swimming and fishing make this a favorite place for many local boaters. 

Enjoy Gulf Stream fishing

Known as the “fish superhighway”, the Gulf Stream can offer you the perfect spot for fishing. Although the Stream is almost always moving to the north, east-to-west movements are common events pushing the fish closer or back off the shore. 

Intracoastal fishing is generally more family-friendly, especially if you practice it with youngsters. If you live for the adventure though, the rougher offshore waters keep bigger and more difficult to catch fish for you. Just don’t forget to take some proper clothing – Gulf Stream makes it much cooler than nearshore.

Various fishing charters coming in all shapes and sizes are offered to the visitors here. If you rent a boat in West Palm Beach, you can broaden your horizons, especially when having more fuel budget and spare time to spend. Tarpons, Sailfish, or the cunning Snook – the choice is yours.

Intercoastal Waterway sailing

The Intracoastal Waterway leads its 3,000 miles of inland waterway starting from Boston and going all along the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico to reach the Gulf Coast of Brownsville, Texas. The sections around the tip of Florida are just a small segment of this vast system of natural inlets, saltwater rivers, and artificial channels.

Adding up to the variety of West Palm Beach boating options, the trip in the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway can be a soothing experience. Avoiding the at-sea dangers, this inland waterway is perfect for boat rental, providing picturesque views of both the beautiful nature and stunning architecture of the exclusive buildings around. 

Hang out at the Jupiter Sandbar

The Jupiter Inlet off the Intracoastal Waterway will lead you to the Jupiter Sandbar – another popular place for many local boaters. The place is also called The Loxahatchee River Sandbar, named after the river in which it is located. 

If you prefer warm and shallow waters, this is one of the best boating spots for you and your family to enjoy. Or you can even wait for the low tide to hop out and walk in the water only a few inches deep.

In case you like history, take a break and visit the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. Established in 1860, this concrete-founded brick tower rises 153 feet above the water. Enjoy the view from the deck of your boat and take some pictures. And if you are looking for a party and fun after the break, the east side of the Sandbar is the go-to place for you.

Dock and dine near Clematis Street

It is time for dinner and a short stroll to the historical center of West Palm Beach. Starting at Flagler Drive on the Intracoastal Waterway, you can let your boat rest for a while. Then take the famous Clematis Street heading west through a colorful palette of boutiques, historical landmarks, and antique shops. The area is also famous for its restaurants, nightclubs, and live music entertainment. 

A visit to the Comeau Building and the Harvey Building, a dinner in the unique South Florida atmosphere, or just a walk at sunset – plenty of choices are available for every taste. And do not miss the popular Clematis By Night live music event on Thursday evenings!

As you can see, West Palm Beach has a lot to offer to its visitors. Rent a boat, catch some fish, go for a trip offshore or enjoy sightseeing. Once you get to know this place like a local, you will love it!

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