10 Best Things to do in Miami

Posted May 25 2022 in Destinations

Are you planning a trip to Miami? Then this short guide by sail.me is just for you! Learn more about the best things to do in Miami, the most amazing local experiences, and the top destinations to visit to make the most of your Florida vacation.

Heading to Miami? Don’t miss out on these 10 things…

1. Rent a boat in Miami

Miami is a world-known boating hotspot, so of course, renting a boat is the first on the list! As locals like to say, if you haven’t seen Miami from a boat then you wouldn’t be able to appreciate its beauty.

Renting a boat in Miami opens up a ton of possibilities to spend some quality time with your loved ones, or find new friends. You can host parties, watch wildlife, go fishing, or go snorkeling to explore the local coral reefs. With a boat rental, you can also cruise the Miami River, try paddleboarding, kayaking, or any other extreme watersport.

Here are a few of the best boating locations in Miami you can visit with your boat rental:

  • Haulover Sandbar is a location accessible only by a boat, attracting hundreds of people and many party boats during low tide. The picturesque location is a wonderful spot to anchor down and unwind.
  • Coconut Grove is a cute sea town with a huge marina, where you can dock and dine at the local restaurants, shop, and rest before your boating adventure continues.
  • Miami Beach is the heart of Miami. If this is your first visit, there is no better starting point to go boating and feel the real vibe of the city.
  • Key Biscayne is an island town famous for its beautiful parks and sights. It attracts a lot of anglers and divers, and it's an excellent place for a walk or beach volleyball.
  • Dry Tortugas National Park is a wonderful  64 000 acres park on the Gulf of Mexico coastline. The park is partially submerged and offers an excellent opportunity for snorkeling.
  • The Miami International Boat Show - The undesignated cruise capital of the world - Miami, holds an event that brings together over 100 000 boating enthusiasts. You can see all kinds of boats - sailboats, powerboats, party boats, marine electronics, and all sorts of gadgets. It is a boating experience of a whole new level.

Sailing is such a developed industry in Miami, that finding the right boat for you won’t be a problem. From a spacious yacht charter for a three-week adventure in the Caribbean to a party boat to blast off for the weekend on the sandbars or a small sailboat for fishing. The perfect Miami boat awaits you on sail.me.

2. Go on a walking tour at Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami offers a wide variety of sightseeing options and attractions. That is the reason walking tours are so popular with tourists. On tour, you can learn everything about Miami for a price of $5 to $150.

There are so many different kinds of tours you can go on, depending on your interests. For instance, free walking Downtown tours, paid Art Deco tours, food walks from Little Havana to South Beach, Street art tours, and so many more! 

3. Visit the Miami Design District

From local galleries to the Institute of Contemporary Art, de la Cruz Collection, Museum Garage - the district is the creative neighborhood that attracts artists and art lovers worldwide. 

4. Explore food and culture at Little Havana 

Build by Cuban exiles, Little Havana is a pearl of Caribbean culture in Miami. The district has a rich menu of local food and a variety of diners, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to choose from. Salsa nights and cigar tastings are local events you don’t want to miss. A true heaven for lovers of Cuban culture.   

5. Relax at South Beach

South Beach is a hotspot for boating and a wonderful place to enjoy beach activities, swim in the ocean and sunbathe. There are also many Wellness & Spa centers in the area, so you can fully unwind and then chill out in the local Jazz Bars in the evening.

6. Explore Monkey Jungle

The wildlife park and zoo offer their guests the opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural environment and enjoy close and breathtaking encounters with real primates.

But Monkey Jungle is not just an average zoo. It's an eco-adventure park that offers an entirely immersive experience combined with entertainment programs kids adore (ziplines, nerf gun battles, etc). 

7. Go shopping at the Upper Buena Vista

Upper Buena Vista is Miami's shopping district, home to major retail and luxury fashion stores. It also holds artisan shops, unique boutiques, lovely tiny coffees, and new and hip restaurants. 

8. Family fun at South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park is nestled at the southern tip of Miami Beach. It’s a green area where you can stroll along on the weekends, read a book or get some peace and quiet. 

The park is excellent for families with kids, as it has picnic and barbecue areas and a mini splash zone for kids with water cannons. The paths and alleys are perfect for riding a bicycle, rollerblades, or sliding on a skateboard. 

9. Visit the Deering Estate

Preserving the 1920's estate of the famous industrialist Charles Deering, the center is a unique 21st-century museum. With a roaring twenties vibe, the estate preserves the remaining settlements of Paleo Indians, Tequestas, Seminoles, Afro-Bahamians, and Anglo-Americans at different times. 

The museum offers a rich program of events, lectures, and tours, and it's always welcoming for families with children. The eloquent architecture also invites many couples to propose and get married. These events have become so popular in recent years, to the point of being an inseparable part of the everyday life of the estate. 

10. Reef diving and snorkeling

Miami is a top-notch destination if you are a snorkeling or scuba diving fan. All you need to do is rent a boat (and gear) and all the best underwater destinations would be accessible to you.

Biscayne National Park would probably be the first place to come to your mind regarding snorkeling near Miami because 95% of the park is underwater. The park waters are welcoming to all kinds of fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. However, only one snorkeling boat is allowed in the area per day.

Dry Tortugas National park is one of the most beautiful places in Miami, with some of the most diverse marine life. The park has a wonderful beach, but with so many tropical corals, marine animals, and fish, the best views remain underwater.

Here are some other diving locations near Miami worth mentioning:

  • Emerald Reef, near Key Biscayne
  • Half Moon Shipwreck, between Key Biscayne and Virginia Key
  • Jose Cuervo Artificial Reef, near South Beach
  • Neptune Memorial Reef, near Key Biscayne
  • Brewster Reef, near the Fowey Lighthouse

No matter if you decide to have fun on land or rent a boat and sail off the shore, Miami is a destination that offers so many attractions and activities! There’s always something to do, see and explore.

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