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It’s easy and free to register your account on! As a registered user you will have access to all features on our website and application. All your private data will be safe and we will share only basic profile info such as your first name and time joining


Rent out your boat

It is also free and fast. Describe your boat, how many guests it can accommodate, what kind of features and amenities the boat comes with and add beautiful photos - they are always what catches the eye. Finally - set the prices. How and what you charge is always up to you.


Welcome guests’s secure payment system means you’ll never have to deal with money directly. Guests are charged before arrival, and you are paid automatically (via PayPal, direct deposit, or international money wire, among other ways) after check-out, thus preventing frauds.

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We can offer you more than just a space for your listing...

Rent out as many boats as you want...Free!

Create your account and add as many boats as you want. is a growing boat rental marketplace that makes it easy for both boat owners, who want to earn extra money from their boats by renting them out and for boat charter agencies to manage their boats, bookings, and messages.



  • Earn extra from your boat.
  • Be the captain or let someone qualified do it.
  • Your insurance got you covered!

Boat charter

  • Manage easily all your boats.
  • Quickly view upcoming reservations.
  • Your insurance got you covered!
hawaii itinerary

Create thrilling itineraries...Easy!

Exploring hidden coves and crystal-clear water is fun, we know. We bet your customers will love the opportunity to sail on a route made by experienced captains like you! Go ahead and add your favorite sailing routes to your boat and your guests will love sailing on your boat.


nearby islands

  • Visit nearby islands with your renters.
  • Let them enjoy different beaches and coves.


  • Show them the best waters for fishing.
  • Or amazing diving spots.

Manage boat prices...Your way!

We know how important it is for boat owners to be able to set different prices for different days of the week, holidays or seasons. That's why, unlike other boat rental websites, we made the Prices and Availability calendar of very complex and at the same time easy to use. You can set custom prices as you find the best.



  • Set availability for months ahead.
  • Choose from 1, 3, 6 or 12 months ahead.
  • Suitable for boats with fixed prices.


  • Set custom availability and prices.
  • Quickly change a specific day.
  • Use for flexible prices on specific dates.

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Can I cancel an accepted booking?

My boat is already insured. Does it need different insurance for renting it out?

How much will I earn?

I represent a boat rental company; can I register anyway?

Are my bank details secured?


Track your boat's

Whether you are a sailor with one boat or a yacht-charter agency with many boats, you can keep track of them in your account. See total earnings, user ratings and occupancy rate based on your boat’s publish date.

Your privacy
guaranteed will never share any of your personal and sensitive information with third parties. Info such as your boat’s bookings, insurance, etc. are visible only for you. Sensitive info such as your current boat location or your full name is shared with your renters after a reservation is made.


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With’s app for iOS and Android, you’re in full control of your boat’s availability, prices, rules, bookings and how you interact with your renters. Send and receive instant messages, accept bookings & guide guests to your boat. You can set check-in times, include add-ons and add itineraries the same way you do on the website. on App on App Store

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