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Top boat rentals & yacht charters

You don’t need a special occasion to take advantage of our boat rental services. It gets even better if you have one, as any celebration becomes more special on a boat.

Having fun in the sun is only a few clicks away thanks to our intuitive and innovative platform. Want to feel like a true skipper or explore the hidden gems along any coast? Check out our irresistible boat rental offers. There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon, a weekend, or a few weeks on a beautiful sailboat, motorboat, catamaran, or yacht of your choice. With, you have an impressive list of vessels to choose from. Sounds good, right?

Why should you choose our boat rental and yacht charter services? You have more than a few good reasons:

  • Boat rental gives you instant access to the magic of sailing and all its perks
  • The service is affordable and easy to get
  • Any vacation or celebration is better on a boat
  • You get to enjoy an unforgettable experience

Did you know that there are plenty of things to do while on a boat? Sailing near the shore and admiring the views is only part of the adventure. You can also:

  • Enjoy a weekend full of activities such as diving or water ski
  • Have a fantastic dining experience on the deck
  • Discover hidden places inaccessible by foot
  • Jet ski, fishing, and a bundle of other fun things to do

Best of all, you are just a step away from booking your dream boat. All you need to do is choose the boat or yacht you find fitting to your needs. Select the size, the capacity, the year of construction, and make sure it features all the amenities you’d like to have at your disposal. Once you’re certain that the rental or charter is available and fits your itinerary and location, then select the dates and click that “BOOK” button. Leave the rest to us.

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