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Find the Best Boat Rentals in Lavrio, Greece

Spending your holiday in one of the many Greek coastal gems is always a good idea but there is one thing you could do to make it truly unforgettable. Renting a sailboat and exploring unknown locations, secluded islands, and hidden beaches is the kind of adventure everyone deserves to be involved in.

Now, you can have that kind of experience in a matter of minutes. The booking platform is an easy and affordable way of finding the boat of your dreams and renting it at one of many amazing locations. was created with the users’ convenience in mind. When you plan your next trip to any location, make sure you book a boat in advance, choosing among the variety of private and exclusive listings the booking platform offers.

In case you’re headed to Lavrio, Greece, renting a boat and creating the ultimate sail route is a must.

The Tort town of Lavrio, Greece is a Special Place

Lavrio (also known as Lavrion, Laurion, and Laurio) is not the tourist-filled location one could expect to see. Today, Lavrio is closer to the Athens International Airport than the other two big ports in the area – Rafina, and Piraeus.

The small but picturesque town is the point from where most of the ferries to Kythnos and Kea and the catamarans to the Western Cyclades start their route. Due to the specific location and the weather conditions, the biggest beach near Lavrio is also a popular windsurfing destination.

Using the boat rental services offered by, you could witness all of this action.

The port of Lavrio may not seem to be as exciting as many other Greek coastal towns but things get exciting once you rent a boat and start exploring the surrounding area. Lavrio has a lot to offer even in terms of history because the place used to be the site of numerous silver mines exploited until the late 1950s.

This hasn’t affected the beauty of the coast and you can admire it once you rent a boat and go sailing in the area.

If you insist on exploring Lavrio on foot, make sure you visit the Archaeological Museum. There is an ancient theater located in Thorikos (near Lavrio) that’s also worth the visit.

Rent a Boat and Enjoy Lavrio’s Surroundings

Once you’re already on board the vessel you booked, there are many sail route options ahead of you. Just opposite the Lavrio port is Makronissos – an island that used to be a prison in the past. The place is worth checking out.

If you feel like seeing another gorgeous site, head south and discover Cape Sounion. For a longer route, the best option surely is the island of Kea – a magical place that you should visit.

Lavrio is just one of the many locations around Greece you could explore by sailing on a boat you rented using the booking platform. Even if you’re not sure about the boat type that might suit you best, the great variety of vessel types and sizes will help you make the right choice.

How to Rent a Boat in Lavrio Using the Booking Platform?

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Once that’s done, you would be looking forward to a boating experience you would likely not forget.

Stop hesitating and start packing, as Lavrio and other magical places across the globe await you!