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Catamaran Sailing Chartersyy 5 Stars Puerto Rico Families and Groups Welcome



6 guests





Join us for a daily, nightly, or weekly cruise! Privately owned and 100% 5 star service guarantee provided.

Make your booking now! Our vessel is clean, well maintained, safe, fun, has lots if toys, and a fun and personable crew.

Day trips, 4 to 8 hours, up to 6 passengers

Paddle board, Kayak, 15hp 9 foot dinghy included

Smoking on the rear sugar scoop, small pets welcome

Ground transport available

Hotel accommodations available

Experience memories that last a lifetime on this incredibly clean and seaworthy Leopard Catamaran Owners Version. Voted Boat of the Year by Cruising Magazine, this Leopard Catamaran is clean, comfortable, seaworthy, fun, and truly makes dreams come true. Watching the sunset over the ocean from the comfort of the salon is a once in a lifetime experience.

Most of the amenities of home can be found onboard. Clean water, bathroom, shower, stern shower, beds, electricity, etc.

One of Our boat's most attractive features is her generous stern swim deck which spans the entire 20 foot beam of the boat. It's a great place to hang out with your loved ones or friends.

Our boat is a sailing catamaran with a top speed of about 7 mph. She cruises very comfortably. The Sea is yours Sailor!

Bring your own adult beverages, food, and drink. The boat supplies a 40 gallon cooler with ice and fresh bottled water. Alternatively, we can order food for delivery aboard.

What to Bring (at your discretion)

Lots of bottled water, coolers, ice, food, drink, alcohol, and snacks for the day, swimsuit, extra towels, change of clothes (privacy available), sunglasses, lots of sunblock, floating toys (we have air pump), cell phone chargers, mask snorkel and fins. The sun is VERY strong. Don’t underestimate it. Wear lots of sunblock and protect your skin.

Don’t Bring:

Heavy, bulky, or items difficult to move. Real-estate is premium. We have a large cooler with ice for your use.

Some things to be aware of:

Weather dictates and Safety is the first priority. We will make adjustments as necessary to accommodate for weather conditions.

No shoes onboard. Barefoot only. Wear removable socks on the dock or place shoes or sandals in the dinghy boat. Make sure your feet are clean prior to boarding.

The bathrooms on this boat are a lifesaver when you need them. Especially for women! There is nothing worse than being stuck on a center console with no bathroom and have an emergency. So while we have this amazing luxury, we can’t abuse it. There is only one rule, do not place any foreign items in the toilets. The toilets are capable to digesting human waste only. They cannot flush anything other than human waste and will immediately clog. Place paper and other discard in the garbage. Doggy bags are available in the bathrooms.

While underway, remember your personal safety. Dedicate one hand to the boat, and one hand to yourself.

Watch out for the deck hatches on the floor which may be open or closed, but never step directly on top of a deck hatch.

Dry off before entering the kitchen area.

We do not have a loud stereo on board. We have bluetooth speakers or you can bring your own portable of course.

Take your time and move a little bit slower in everything you do when you’re on a boat. Bumping your head, scraping your leg, trip and fall tends to happen when we move too fast. Especially on a boat. Slow down, take your time, don’t move too fast, every little thing … is gonna be alright!

One universal truth. If it can go overboard, it will go overboard. Don’t assume anything is secure unless it’s really secure. We have lost uncounted items overboard. Unless you secure it, you may as well consider it overboard. Place your valuable and electronics in a secure location. The boat is yours so you don’t have to worry about theft. Just keep it onboard!

Your hosts will be English and Spanish speaking. Each cruise will include a Captain.

Please don't jump on the Trampoline. While it is called a "trampoline" it's not the kind you grew up with :)

Our boat is a great boat for a variety of purposes including high end important client meetings and/or hosting to impress. Every experience we provide is first class and 5 star however, should you want to go beyond that, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can make ANY dream come true.

Our boat's crew are fun, energetic, easy to talk to, and eager to make you a satisfied client. Making dreams come true every day.

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Usually, this boat operates around Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Exact location provided after booking.

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