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Are you ready for hot summer sailing trips and unforgettable experience in the northern part of North America? Why don't you visit Vancouver – the city, which can offer everything that a boatman can want? Whether you are seeking sailing adventures in lakes, rivers, bays or seas – this Canadian city has them all! What's even better is that there are located plenty of boat charters, from which you can rent the perfect boat for the trip, so you don't have to take your own. Do you want to find out more? Check the top 3 sailing destinations in Vancouver!

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Around Vancouver (2days) itinerary

Around Vancouver (2days)

Bowen Island

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False Creek

Located in the heart of Vancouver, False Creek is a trendy sailing area with various water activities. One of them is the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival, in which you can be part of if you visit False Creek in June. For those of you who prefer the traditional sailing or just want to visit Vancouver in different time of the year - there are many yacht charters from which you can rent a boat, canoe or kayak, and organize a fantastic trip in the waters of False Creek. With a length, more than 2 mi and approximately 1600 ft wide, False Creek is excellent for both small and big boat journeys. Also, some of the boat rentals there organize daily cruises going all the way down to the English Bay, under the Lions Gate Bridge, and end in the Vancouver Harbour. Said with a few words – the False Creek is the perfect place for boatmen who love sailing trips in calm waters.

Fraser River

Known as the longest river in Canada, the Fraser River's length is more than 850 mi. The river goes through the sacred natural beauty of Vancouver, which makes it perfect for freshwater trips, fishing, and kayaking. One of your options for sailing adventures in Fraser is to visit some of the boat charters around Adcy Beach and Riverfront Park and to rent a right boat for the journey. Then you can start your trip going back west through Vancouver and its natural beauty. 10 mi from there you will reach Sea Island where Fraser River merges with Strait of Georgia. If you have chosen a bigger boat for the journey, you can even continue the trip into the waters of Strait Georgia. For those of you who prefer only river trips – you can experience a longlasting journey too. As you already know, the Fraser River is long enough for whole week sailing adventures. Another of your options there is to visit the boat rentals located on the north part of Vancouver and to start the journey east from the city. You can go through New Westminster and Surrey, and if you still have power and desire for adventures - continue further to Douglas Island. When you reach it, choose the left path, which will lead you to the place where Fraser merges with Pitt River. 10 mi further is located the Pitt Lake where you can rest for the night around the astonishing nature.

Vancouver Harbour

As like the most boating destinations in Vancouver, Vancouver Harbour also provides many opportunities for water activities. Its length is near 17 mi with approximately 1 mi width, which makes it perfect for water sports, kayak, jet races, and lots of sailing trips. There you will find new yacht charters, from which you can rent a boat and start your journey. If you are planning a full-day tour, you can start it from the Coal Harbour, going under Lions Gate Bridge and enter Burrard Inlet. There you can turn left and sail though Third Beach where you can anchor for a while to taste the delicious seafood and take part in the beach entertainments. When you are ready to go, you can continue your trip to the English Bay where you can anchor for fishing or just explore the beautiful area. If you are a lover of boating journeys that are longer than just a day, renting a yacht from the Coal Harbour and sailing east from it will be a great idea. When you reach Cates Park in North Vancouver, you can turn left and continue the trip sailing through the Indian Arm. There you can anchor the boat at Deep Cove where you can try some tasty food, take a calming walk into the Cove Forest and rest for the night. On the other day, you can continue your adventurous trip to Crocker Island. There you will find the astonishing sacred areas of Canada and also the Say Nuth Khaw Yum Provincial Park. There are many beautiful and adventurous places for sailing all over the world, but visiting Vancouver will leave you with unforgettable memories and a fantastic experience. Are you ready to go?