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Being a boat lover will always lead you to beautiful sailing destinations all over the world - from the sacred rivers in the jungles to the luxurious beaches in middle east countries. If you want to experience a sailing trip on a whole new level, you have to visit the United Arab Emirates! There you will find many boat charters, offering hundreds of high-class modern yachts that meet the interests of every specific or eccentric taste.Have you ever been on a boat trip with the newest boat or yacht model on the market? You can experience this fantastic feeling on your own by going on a summer vacation in the UAE. Are you ready for a summer sailing adventure in UAE? It's time to pack your bags. Check the following Top 3 sailing destinations every waterman loves there.

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UAE & Musandam (7days) itinerary

UAE & Musandam (7days)

Abu Dhabi
Mangrove National Par
The Palm Jumeirah
The World Islands
Al Jazirah Al Hamra
Abu Dhabi

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It is not a secret that Dubai is one of the most preferred of the Emirates, because of its rich, high-class culture and luxurious lifestyle. Located on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the second largest emirate offering endless sailing adventures. One of them is the Water Canal. It is 14 kilometers long, and its waterway goes all the way down from the Creek to the spectacular Arabic Gulf.On the northern side of the Water Canal, you will find boat rentals with traditional boats, having a beautiful wooden design that represents the emirate's culture. There are also yacht charters with gorgeous modern boats, and it depends on your personal taste if you prefer to rent a boat with traditional design or a modern yacht. No matter what you choose, your experience will be unforgettable.Another place in Dubai, that the boatmen love is the Dubai Marina. This is a gorgeous canal city built along a 3 km stretch along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Here you can rent a boat from the nearest boat rentals and experience a fantastic boat trip while going through the most astonishing places in Dubai - Marina Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis. Their beauty and design are so captivating that many people forget about taking photos and only enjoy the ride.

Abu Dhabi

Being the largest emirate in UAE, Abu Dhabi has many sailing adventures to offer. No matter if you prefer sailing with kayaks, boats or big yachts – this emirate has everything that a boatman needs to be happy. The best place for the kayak lovers in Abu Dhabi is the Mangrove National Park.The exciting thing about it is that instead of roads it has hundreds of small water canals, allowing the sailors to go through every little corner of this beautiful paradise. In front of the main entrances of Mangrove National Park, you will find boat charters, from which you can rent a boat, canoe, or kayak. However, most of the tourist choose sailing with kayaks because they are most suitable for the tiny canals inside the park.For those of you who prefer sailing on a yacht, right next to Mangrove is located the beautiful manmade bay - Khor Al Baghal. There you can enjoy the sunny weather with a beer, wine or champagne in your hand while sailing aboard the last yacht models. What can be better than this? Along the bay, you will find canals that lead to the different parts of the area. Some of the boat charters there organize relaxing trips around the nearby islands - Al Reem, Umm Yifenah, and Bal Rumiad.


Musandam is a governorate of Oman and is located on the northeast top side of the UAE. It is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the Emirates, thanks to the mountain massif that merges into the Indian Ocean, creating breathtaking bays and small rocky islands. This is the perfect destination for those who love sailing among quiet and sacred places.If you are visiting Musandam during your adventure trip in the UAE, you have to sail through its captivating fjords and mountain landscapes! Most of the yacht charters in Musandam organize daily trips on traditional Dhow boats that can carry more than 50 people at once. This is the best opportunity for big groups that don't want to sail separately.The big rivers in the past have created gorgeous wadis though the mountains, revealing their dramatic geological movement thousands of years back in time. Nowadays, these wadis are the dream destination for kayak lovers, because they are sacred, peaceful, and have calm water. It gets even better – thanks to the breathtaking structure of the rocks you can always stop for some cliff jumping or just for swimming with the fish.

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