The Bahamas

Tropical paradise 50 miles from Miami

Ready for a new sailing trip? The Bahamas are one of the most beautiful places on Earth, featuring golden beaches, incredible weather, and azure waters. This is the dream destination of many sailor enthusiasts because of its gorgeous beauty and endless opportunities for water adventures. If you visit the Bahamas, you will be amazed by finding more than 700 islands, most of which have different size and divine nature. Also, there are many yacht charters, located on the hot beaches, which are offering thousands of models that can fit every taste and desire. If you want to experience an adventurous sailing journey around gorgeous islands and nature – the Bahamas is the right place for you. Are you wondering why so many boatmen are in love with this destination? Pack your bags and find out! You will be amazed! Check the top 3 locations in the Bahamas, which all sailors love.

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Freeport and The Abacos (5 days) itinerary

Freeport and The Abacos (5 days)

Castaway Cay
Crossing Rocks
Marsh Harbour
Crown Haven

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Hope Town

Hope town is a small peaceful village located on Elbow Cay. It is the best place for people who want to stay away from the night clubs and the sounds of the cruise ships. The Hope Town Harbour has many boat rentals, from which you can rent a boat and start your journey. While exiting the harbor, you will pass by the old lighthouse that has warned and protected the visiting ships for more than 150 years. If you are a passionate sailor, you can visit the yacht charters and rent a bigger boat with which you can make a full day trip from Eagle Rock to the Parrot Cays. When you arrive there, you can anchor the boat for a while and relax on the hot sandy beaches. At the end of the day, you can visit the White Sound bay and enjoy the evening. There you will find excellent local food and cozy little houses in which you can rest for the night.

Grand Bahama Island

As it gets clear from its name, the Grand Bahama Island one of the biggest islands in the area. There you can enjoy modern life adventures and create never forgetting memories with your friends and loved ones. Near the beaches of Grand Bahama are located a few boat charters with beautiful modern boats to rent. With them, you can create a personal sailing trip around the neighbor islands or take part in the daily cruises they organize. Inside the island, you will find many water canals that start from the Fortune beach and end all the way down to the opposite side of the island. The canals aren't big, so sailing with a canoe, kayak or small boat is always an advantage. When you exit the canals from the north-west side of the island, you will find the boat charters. From there you can rent a boat and sail to the Crab Cay. If you have scuba-diving equipment, don't forget to take it! Near the Crab Cay, you can dive with the colorful fishes and also find many different crab species on the bottom of the sea.

The Salt Cay

Also known as the Blue Lagoon Island, the Salt Cay is part of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas. It is located 3 miles away from Nassau and has astonishing natural beauty. The tranquil private parts of the lagoon can make you forget about your daily life while entering inside its paradise. There are a few family houses that are open for visitors, but most of the time they are booked a few months ahead, so you have to plan your sailing trip earlier. If you want to visit the Salt Cay during the day, you can rent a boat from Nassau's yacht charters and make an adventurous sailing trip to the island. The crystal clear azure water there is perfect for scuba-diving, so don't forget to take your equipment. Inside the lagoon, you will find a water pool that is excellent for swimming and resting under the hot sun. In the waters around the Salt Cay are living lots of dolphins and if you travel in a particular part of the day, you may experience the amazing feeling of watching how they jump next to your boat while you are sailing.Prepare yourself for the best sailing trip in your life and book a flight to the Bahamas!

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