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Do you love sailing, big cities, and vibrant life? Find this fantastic combination is Seattle – the biggest city in Washington, USA! Surrounded by many water creeks, modern buildings and beautiful nature, Seattle is the best place for luxurious boat trips under the hot summer sun in North America. With a population of over 750 000 people, you can never get bored in Seattle. If you are a sailing enthusiast who wants to experience amazing daily journeys and vibrant nightlife, visit Seattle, and you will get it in full! Seattle has a very high level of boating culture, and every summer, the boating season has been opened since 1913. Do you want to find out more? Check out the top 3 sailing locations in Seattle, which every boatman visits!

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Around Seattle (2days) itinerary

Around Seattle (2days)

West Port Lighthouse

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Lake Washington

Seen as a gem in the eyes of every sailing enthusiast, Lake Washington is a huge pond with a length of more than 50 mi. You will find many yacht charters around its shores that offers different models of modern and luxurious boats. When you are ready to start your trip, you just have to rent a boat from the nearest boat charter, and you are ready to go. Lake Washington is also the place for sport fishing, so if you love both sailing and fishing – this is the place for you. Imagine sitting under the sun with a fresh drink in hand and on a beautiful yacht surrounded by your friends. You can have all of this by just visiting Lake Washington. If you prefer longer trips, you can start your journey from Renton, going north thought the mansions on Mercer Island and up to Juanita Beach Park, where you can anchor the boat and visit the beach.

Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle Waterfront is a distinctive area of the city, revealing its majestic view and energy. Right next to it is Harbor Island located, which offers lots of boat charters. From there you can rent a boat and start your trip. In case you are in the mood for long journeys, you can sail north through the Eliot Bay, the Puget Sound, and anchor in Fort Casey. There you can eat some tasty food and enjoy yourself with city entertainments. If you are a kayak lover, the Seattle Waterfront has a place for this too. Some of the boat rentals there offer great kayaks, which will make your journey even better. You can start your trip from Harbor Island and sail south on the Duwamish Waterway. The Waterway is narrow and long, which makes it perfect for kayaks and small boats. Roughly 10 mi from there, you will reach Allentown, where you can finish the trip and experience some vibrant entertainments in the bars nearby.

Bell Harbor Marina

The Bell Harbor Marina is the best place to experience the full potential of downtown Seattle, both in the city and marina. There you will find some great yacht charters that offer modern boats and organize wild night party cruises, which are a must-see. In case you want to visit Seattle with a big group of friends, the boat charters in Bell Harbor Marina will lead to an unforgettable experience and many positive emotions. Also, if you want to make your journey, you can rent a boat from the nearby charters and sail north to Camano Island. There you can anchor the boat and visit the state parks where you can enjoy the lush nature and sunny weather. If you are in the mood for some cocktails and beach games, you can anchor the boat at Indian Beach and visit the local bars. Are you ready for the exciting times you are going to experience in Seattle? Pack your bags and get going!