New Zealand

Glacial fjords, magical coastlines & green scenery

Sailing all over the world will always lead you to unforgettable memories and beautiful destinations. Are you planning your next trip? Why don't you visit New Zealand? This magical place owns astonishing nature, exciting culture, and many opportunities for fantastic sailing experience. There you will find two major big islands – Northland and Southland, and also more than 600 small islands. New Zealand is located in the middle between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is the perfect spot for all kind of sailing journeys. Whether you prefer big yachts, boats or kayaks, you will find a place for each of them in the waters around New Zealand. Are you curious to learn more about this country? Check out the top 3 sailing destinations, which everyone loves there!

We've selected some of the best routes for this destination

Auckland – Bay of Islands (3days) itinerary

Auckland – Bay of Islands (3days)

Great Barrier Island
Mangawhai Heads Beach

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The Bay of Islands

Located in Northland, the Bay of Islands is a magical place where you can experience all kind of sailing entertainments. Being one of the most popular marine destinations in the country, it has 144 little islands to visit or sail through. There you will find new yacht charters from which you can rent a boat and navigate to the hot beaches surrounding the bay. Because of the shallow waters there, the place is also perfect for the kayak lovers. You can have fantastic kayak trips through the sacred islands. The weather in the Bay of Islands is winterless, making this beautiful destination suitable for sailing adventures over the whole year. For the boatmen who love fishing trips, you can take advantage of the four inlets around the bay (Waikare, Te Rawhiti, Te Puna, and Kerikeri). You can visit the nearest boat rentals and choose the perfect boat for your needs. Also, you can combine your sailing trip with scuba diving and surfing during the hot days. Choosing the Bay of Islands for your sailing destination will reveal you the pure natural beauty of the area, which is a must-see.


Also known as 'The City of Sails,' Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. There you will find lots of yacht charters, hot beaches, tasty food, and many possibilities for sailing journeys. Auckland is described as one of the most desirable sailing destinations in the world that offers hundreds of boats for every taste and needs. The boat charters in the area can provide lots of modern and retro models of many different sizes. If you prefer something small, there you will also find canoes, kayaks, and jet ski for incredible near-the-shore adventures. Thanks to its perfect geographical position, Auckland is excellent for both short and long sailing trip. You can make a 15 mi journey, renting a boat from one of the boat charters around the Auckland harbor and sail west to the Rangitopuni Creek. During the adventure, you will see the majestic beauty of New Zealand and its nature, which will leave you breathless. When you arrive there, you can anchor the boat and rest in Riverhead for the night. In case you prefer only 3-4 hour trips, you can make a trip around the sunny beaches and nature near Auckland. No matter what kind of trips you prefer, "The City of the Sails" is a famous sailing destination, offering them all.

Abel Tasman National Park

Located on the west-south end of Southland, the Abel Tasman National Park is a beautiful place with a sunny climate, which can be reached easily by boat. Except for visiting the gorgeous national park, you can also enjoy the azure crystal clear water and go scuba diving with the colorful fishes. The area is very famous for its kayaking tours, which are mainly organized by the local boat rentals. Keep in mind that the shores around the Abel Tasman National Park are shallow, so sailing close to them with a bigger yacht won't be a good idea. This fantastic destination suits more boatmen who prefer short sailing trips with small boats or kayaks. The area is perfect for peaceful journeys with a beer in hand around the gorgeous natural beauty of Abel Tasman National Park. Are you excited to experience the many sailing opportunities, which New Zealand offers? It's time to pack your bag and go!