The Adriatic’s Undiscovered Gem

Are you looking for a relaxing vacation spot with crystal clear water and golden beaches? Or maybe you’d like an off-the-beaten-path destination with interesting historical landmarks, mountain trekking, and captivating nature? Good news! Relatively undiscovered Montenegro has both! Montenegro is a small European country located in the Balkans, tucked between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Albania. Legend has it the country was named by Italian merchants who were sailing past Montenegro when a sudden dark storm enveloped the mountains and cast black shadows over the coast. Apparently the storm left a big impression, and they called the place Montenegro or "The Black Mountain". Despite its name, Montenegro enjoys pleasant weather during summer months, and visitors find it the perfect place for boating, scuba diving, and canoeing. The Montenegrin coast is divided into two areas: the Bay of Kotor (Tivat, Kotor and Herceg Novi Rivieras) and the coastline of Budva, (Bar and Ulcinj Rivieras), both with delightful sailing opportunities.

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Montenegrin Coast (3days) itinerary

Montenegrin Coast (3days)

Sveti Stefan
Sveta Neđelja
Sveti Nikola

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In the past, Budva was a small, quiet coastal town, but today it is one of Montenegro’s top tourist destinations with lovely beaches. The city has two main areas, known as the old town and the new city. In old town, Budva’s ancient life and cultural roots are revealed through its historical treasures, like the ancient Roman necropolis and the pre-Christian basilica. Every summer, you can take part in the two-month long festival known as "Theatre City", which transforms old town into an open stage with poetry readings, theater compositions and many other forms of cultural and artistic performances. In the new city, you’ll find modern lifestyles and thriving nightclubs, including the popular "Top Hill", known for inviting famous DJs to energize their unforgettable parties. Montenegro is another amazing sailing spot of the Mediterranean Sea. Renting a boat in Budva and sailing along the coast is a fantastic experience. You can also pop over to nearby St. Nikola Island, which the locals call “their Hawaii”, for amazing beaches and tasty seafood.


The nicely preserved, fortified city of Kotor is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Venetian works of defense. Surrounded by imposing mountains, Kotor is located on the astonishing bay of Boka Kotorska, among the most beautiful in the world. Buildings clutch the foothills, revealing a gorgeous view in every direction. The streets of Kotor are an exciting maze of houses, churches, and historical buildings. The international summer carnival takes place in August, and the streets become crowded with artists and people in traditional costumes. Sailing around Kotor is a terrific way to take in magnificent views of the bay against its mountainous backdrop.

Lake Skadar National Park

Halfway between the sea and the mountains, Skadar Lake National Park is a place of wild and untouched beauty. The locals call the area "The Bird Kingdom" because it is inhabited by over 280 bird species. It’s also one of the few pelican habitats in southern Europe. The lake itself is 27 miles long and is the largest in the Balkan Peninsula, with about two-thirds of its area in Montenegro and one-third in Albania. During the summer, the lake is covered in water lilies, giving it a magical quality. The Skadar Lake area is also one of Montenegro’s premiere wine-growing regions, with over 100 wineries producing high-quality Montenegrin vranac, rakija and other specialties. Although Montenegrin cuisine is typically meat heavy, be sure to try the fabulous smoked fish too. If you’re looking for a holiday that includes both sea and mountains, Montenegro will surely be one of your favorite summer memories!

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