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Hot beaches, clear waters, and a truly diverse population of 4 million are just a few of the magical charms of Los Angeles. If you’re a boatman who loves modern yachts, a visit to L.A. will be one of your best decisions! There are many new boats for charter— day sailors, megayachts, speedboats, and deep-sea fishing vessels— and plenty of interesting marine journeys of varying lengths and difficulties. Calm coastal cruises, day trips to the offshore islands, or multi-day Pacific adventures are all possible from the many ports and marinas of Los Angeles. Have we mentioned L.A.’s unforgettable entertainment and nightlife scene? Excited to find out more? Check out some of our top destinations in L.A. and start planning your trip now.

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Long Beach – Santa Catalina (4 days) itinerary

Long Beach – Santa Catalina (4 days)

Long Beach
Two Harbors
Shark Harbor
Long Beach

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Long Beach

Long Beach, a 3mi stretch of beautiful sand on the Pacific Coast, is one of the most popular places in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This fantastic beach is perfect for all types of sailing adventures, beach games, and water sports. You can rent high-class yacht charters or smaller boats for your journey. You can set sail from Queensway Bay and follow the sun to the end of the beach. From the water you can enjoy the blue skies and beautiful beach houses. Why not anchor your boat and order fresh seafood at one of the nearby restaurants? Or jump in the water for a swim. Long Beach is excellent for kayak excursions, boat trips, and even big yachts.

Santa Monica

Who hasn’t heard of Santa Monica? The small beachfront town lies west of downtown Los Angeles, on the shores of the mighty Pacific. If you love peaceful sailing trips near the coast and beach activities, this is the right place for you! You can book a boat charter for a day on the water, anchoring as you like for some swimming and beach time. You can also spend the day in town, cruising the large outdoor shopping mall called Third Street Promenade or sampling fresh seafood at one of the many excellent local restaurants. Take in the majestic view from the Ferris wheel at Pacific Park, the only amusement park built on a pier. Put your toes in the sand and enjoy a drink at one of the many trendy beach bars. If you’re in the mood for a longer boating trip, you can rent a bigger yacht and sail to Santa Rosa Island, 60 miles away from Santa Monica, to experience landscapes relatively untouched by humans.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a beautiful island located just 30 miles from the shores of Long Beach. It has lodging, restaurants and bars, making it a terrific multi-day sailing trip from mainland California. Getting to Catalina is part of the fun as you’ll cruise deep blue waters teeming with marine life. Keep your eyes open for dolphins, sea lions, seals, whales and the occasional mola mola (ocean sunfish). Once in Catalina, you can explore the east side of the island around Avalon Bay, or if you’re in the mood for a longer trip, you can sail from Avalon Bay to White Cove, where you can drop anchor and visit the local bars and restaurants. The beaches of Santa Catalina are perfect for kayaking and other water sports. Regardless of the boating adventure you prefer, you’ll never run out of options in Santa Catalina.

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