Cayman Islands

Picturesque bays, moving tides and underwater paradise!

Summer is already here, and it's time for a new sailing trip around the globe. Have you ever been to the Cayman Islands? They are located in the Western Caribbean Zone and have lots of beauty to reveal. Situated only 180 miles north of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands are adored for their crystal clear waters and gorgeous underwater scenery. The islands are only 3 and on each of them are located lots of yacht charters and boat rentals, from which you can pick the best boat for your trip. Are you excited to learn more? Check what every island can offer you!

We've selected some of the best routes for this destination

A Tour of Grand Cayman (3days) itinerary

A Tour of Grand Cayman (3days)

George Town
Bodden Town
The Blowholesa
Gun Bay
Barefoot Beach
Rum Point Beach
Grand Harobur
Cayman Turtle Centre
Kittiwake Shipwreck

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Grand Cayman

This is the largest island of all and also the home of the Cayman Islands capital – George Town. Grand Cayman is excellent for all kind of sailing trips because it is suitable for both a big yacht and small boat lovers. The areas between Rum Point, West Bay, and George Town are surrounded by beaches, which makes them perfect for boat trips around the seaside. If you want to experience sailing adventures in the "deep water", you can rent a boat from the nearest yacht charter and make a trip from Water Cay to West Bay, the distance between which is 35mi.For those of you who prefer sailing with a personal inflatable boat - you can travel to Governors Creek in Cypress Pointe. There you will find a bay with small water canals that spread all around the area. In case you don't own a personal boat you can always rent one from the many boat charters around Governors Creek. No matter what kind of sailing trips you prefer – you will experience a fantastic journey in the waters of Grand Cayman.

Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac is the second island by size and is 12 miles long, with an average width of 1.5 miles. Many boatmen say that it is the best place for long distance sailing trips on the Cayman Islands. You can rent a boat from almost everywhere and make amazing daily trips around all the beaches on the island. This journey will be exciting for the experienced boatmen who love adrenaline, because of the off-shore coral reef, which is quite a challenge to go through. For the beginners, it may be a good idea to bring an experienced sailor on the boat who can handle the risky moments.Also, if you get hungry, you can always anchor and try the tasty traditional food in the nearby restaurants. When you are ready to sail again keep in mind that some of the boat charters on the island organize daily cruises to Little Cayman, which is the third island and is only 5 miles away from Cayman Brac. All of the Cayman Islands have beautiful underwater scenery and if you have scuba diving equipment – take it with you. Swimming with the colorful fishes will leave you with memories you will never forget.

Little Cayman

This is the last and the smallest one of the Cayman Islands. It is just 10 miles long, but has a gorgeous natural beauty that is a must-seen. Compared to the other two islands, this is the best one for chill sailing trips with canoes or other small boats. If you want to visit Little Cayman, you can rent a boat from the other two islands and sail there, or you can just take part in a cruise that goes to the island. Your journey will start at the moment you arrive. There you will find small boat rentals from which you can rent a kayak and even a water bike. With them, you can visit the sacred parts of the island and relax under the sun. Little Cayman is also famous for its underwater paradise. One of the most spectacular and most varied dive locations in the world is Bloody Bay Marine Park, reached along North Coast Road.Are you ready for the best sailing trip in your life? Visit the Cayman Islands and experience it!