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Take a Day Off and Enjoy a wonderful cruise on this beautiful, smooth & comfortable V8 Moomba Mobius 380hp Wakesetter + Wakeboarding+ Watertube included in 4hr+ reservations.

Attention: Please request Lake Mead or Lake Havasu. We will be at Lake Havasu on Labor Day Weekend and for some days in the coming weeks. Extra transportation charge applies for Havasu, so please send us a message and we will give you a quote. Lake Meaders feel free to request a quote as well!

This boat drives beautifully and is comfortable for all ages, kids and seniors. It cruises smoothly and speeds up nicely with the V8 engine. 380 horsepower drives up to 50miles/hr. The Moomba has seating in the front for 2-3 adults or 4 kids, a seat for 1 by the driver and a seat in the back for 2-3 adults or 4 kids, with a legal capacity of up to 8 people max 1100lbs including the cooler and all equipment. It has a Bimini cover for shade, a wake tower, and a wakesetter in the back with an adjustable trim that creates a wake and makes a perfect experience for wakeboarding with a rope for beginners and advanced sports enthusiasts.

*For safety reasons, we cannot allow more than 6-7 people on the boat and the total weight of the passengers and their belongings must be below 1000 lbs.

*Free! All 4hr+ reservations come with a water cooler Filled With 20+ Drinks of your choice: soda, water, sparkling water, beer, seltzer, juice, and snacks at No Extra Cost!

*4hr+ reservations come with the Wakeboard and/or Watertube for 2-3 people at No Extra Cost!

** Please note: It is not permitted to beach this boat or drive in shallow/rocky areas, since it is a direct drive, it has a propeller and shaft going 2-3ft under the center of the boat. However, there is an anchor that you can use.

*We provide life vests and safety equipment. If you have young children, please let us know as we have limited quantity of children’s life vests. If you have your own children’s life vests please bring them with you.

*We are flexible with extra time! We want all our guests to truly enjoy a day of boat & water therapy. We care for all our guests and pride ourselves in providing a top-tier friendly experience that’s smooth, flexible and fun for all ages.

**Please note that fuel can be either prepaid or postpaid. A Full Tank costs $80-$100. The cost of fuel must be settled by the end of the trip.

Contact us for any special requests for events, we provide special Birthday Packages and Romantic Packages that include boat decorations, romantic flowers, birthday cake, personalized card, food & drink & watersports.

*We are also open to multi-day reservations or at other lakes. Please send us a message to request that.

***We reserve the right to cancel a reservation last minute if the weather conditions are unsafe, if the watercraft condition is unsafe, if the passengers seem unfit for the trip, or if the weight exceeds the limit. If we have to cancel for weather reasons, you will get a full refund.


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Usually, this boat operates around Boulder City, NV. Exact location provided after booking.

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